Happy New Year everyone.  Mark here.

Whilst The Gas Safe Certified Engineers at Appollo are out on the road providing gas appliance repairs and all manner of gas fitting services, there are a couple of hardworking team members back at the office, keeping a watchful eye over proceedings.

Appollo owner, Peter has had chocolate lab Buster for a couple of years now and every single day Buster shows up at the office with a huge smile and a wagging tail – just like the rest of the office staff!  Greeting all visitors with his friendly, laidback nature and interrupting meetings to plea with those big, sad eyes for attention (and more often than not, food),  Buster has become a much-loved member of the Appollo family.  

If Buster’s quiet, unassuming nature needed a counterbalance then it can certainly be found in little boy Blue.  Small and French, Blue, like Napoleon also has the sure command of a general; generally terrorising poor placid Buster all around the office with his unrelenting playfulness and vigour!

Peter’s eldest son Louis took Blue in late last year and leaves him at the office with Craig, Joy, Vikki and Mark during the day.  Said to be playful and loving, Frenchies are also great companion dogs who require close contact with humans.  Good job for Blue then as we have customers, suppliers, advertisers, marketeers, business partners and that old best friend of the canine, postmen coming in an out of the office everyday.  All have taken to Blue, who for all his excitement rarely barks (as is common of French Bulldogs), but skips around the office entertaining all with his fruitbat ears and cute, little gargoyle face.

The office often threatens to become a kennel when I bring my own little boy in, a West Highland Terrier called Clement.   I often get asked where I took the name from.  I think I’d watched Ken Loach’s ‘Spirit of ’45’ film, all about the advent of the Welfare State which was during the time Clement Attlee’s Labour Government was in power.  Or maybe it had something to do with the word ‘clemency’, meaning merciful.  I guess I wanted my new four-legged friend to be a well-behaved housemate!

What about you? Are you a dog lover? Do you have any animals around your house? Did you arrive at any interesting names for your pets?

Why not tell us the story behind them? If you’d care to share with us then E-mail them to mark@appollogasservices.co.uk

The best story will receive a 10% discount off an annual boiler service!

Remember, we offer gas boiler repairs, central heating installations (as both vaillant and worcester approved installers) and our service is always fast and friendly…and we don’t bite!



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