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By Glen Bowman – Flickr: The face – Northumberlandia – Cramlington, Northumberland, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=23443692

Gas Boiler Repairs and Central Heating Installations Cramlington.

Our clients insist on the best for their homes and that is why they choose us in the first place and continue to work with us when further heating system improvements are implemented over the years.

Whatever type of home you live in, be it detached, semi-detached or terraced, Appollo Gas Services will deliver the perfect solution to your home heating needs – and save you money in the running costs too!

Our friendly advisor can visit you at your home and help you to determine just what type of heating improvement you would benefit most from and give you an idea of what the costs might be.

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Because we are from the North East, we understand the people, the culture –and the weather – so we know how to plan around the whims of our unpredictable climate, ensuring that projects keep as much as possible to plan.

The North East of England has the most diverse and interesting of cultures in the UK and each town or city has its own unique features that make working and living here such a joy.

Cramlington is a particular favourite of ours because of its history, diversity of the population and its unique position – near to Newcastle but also close to some magnificent countryside and stunning beaches.

Cramlington History

The first record of the Manor of Cramlington is a mention in 1135 when land was granted to Nicholas de Grenville. From the 12th century onwards, its history has been mostly rural, incorporating several farms and the parish church of St. Nicholas, built at a cost of £3,000 during 1865–1868. During the early 19th century, coal mining began in earnest, with several mineshafts in the immediate vicinity.

Cramlington remained small and undeveloped until 1964 when it was proclaimed a New Town and large housing estates were quickly developed.

During World War I, the North East of England was protected by the No. 36 Home Defence Squadron that was formed at Cramlington on 1 February 1916 by Capt. R. O. Abercromby.

Cramlington subsequently became an important base for military planes and airships, with the airship station based at Nelson Village. A reference to Cramlington airfield was in the W. E. Johns 1935 book The Black Peril from the popular ‘Biggles’ series of novels.

New Town Development

The idea of a new town development in Cramlington was first envisaged back in 1958.

In June 1961, Northumberland County Council’s Planning Committee approved the draft plans to establish what it hoped would be “Britain’s first enterprise town.” Sponsored by the council, the development was to be carried by a consortium led by William Leech, which had acquired the land. The build time was estimated at 20 years, at a cost of £50m and eventually housing 40,000 inhabitants across a four square mile site that also included an industrial zone.

A one-way road system was proposed, with the Waggon ways of the former pits being repurposed as pedestrians paths.

The plan was approved by the Minister of Housing and Local Government in January 1963, by which time the estimated population had grown to 48,000 and the cost projected at £60m.

It marked the first time a new town was built without the establishment of a government-backed development corporation. The first factory had an estimated completion date of summer 1963.

Cramlington is also the site of the World’s largest land sculpture, Northumberlandia.

Northumberlandia is a unique piece of public art set in a 19-hectare community park providing free public access, with four miles of footpaths on and around the landform, along with a café and visitor centre. The park’s centrepiece is ‘The Lady of the North’, a stunning human landform sculpture of a reclining lady, scaling 100 feet in height and spanning a quarter of a mile.

Heating Installation and Gas Boiler Repairs

When it comes to professional heating installs. Appollo Gas Services guarantee all of the work we undertake, giving our customers complete peace of mind in the knowledge that any work we carry out will meet the most exacting standards.

We have worked with many families in the area, helping them to maintain a warm and safe environment for their family to live in – and help them save money, too, as our new heating and gas boiler installs are really economical to run – saving you money on those ever-growing heating bills.

And our boilers are backed by no-quibble warranties for up to 10 years!

Appollo Gas Services, keeping North East families cosy and safe for the past thirty-five years.


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