Power Flushing – The Facts

Do I Need To Power Flush My Central Heating System?

The need for power flushing comes from a build-up of oxide sludge and calcium in the central heating system.

Sludge or calcium build up in a heating system means there could be an underlining problem that’s allowing air to get into the central heating system, causing radiators and heat exchangers to corrode. This leaves rust and debris in the bottom of radiators which corrodes down into oxide sludge. This then leads to blocked waterways in radiators, pipe work and heat exchangers.

Blockages slow down the transfer of heat which causes damage to pipes, valves and the heating control server. It can lead to the bopiler being so badly damaged that it needs replacing. Replacing your boiler without having your system flushed is not recommended – it may even void your manufacturers warranty!

There are several tell-tale signs that could indicate that your system needs flushing including:

  • Boiler cycling – that is switching on and off frequently
  • Constant boiler breakdowns
  • A combi boiler that delivers water at  fluctuating temperatures
  • Banging or knocking noises coming from the boiler
  • Central heating radiators heatign up very slowly
  • Radiators with cold spots, despite the pipework being hot
  • Boiler producing a “kettling” noise (sounds like a kettle boiling)


What happens if I don’t power flush my central heating system?

Boilers can become so damaged that they will be deemed uneconomical to repair. which means that they have to be replaced.

This also means that:

  • The efficiency of your heating system will be affected, wasting money and increasing the likelihood of repairs being needed
  • You risk mechanical failure of pumps, motorised valves, heat exchangers and hydraulic systems in your boiler
  • The occurence of pin holes in radiators and heat exchangers is increased, resulting in the need for repair or replacement. Any leakages would consist of oxide sludge -a black muddy oil-like substance that will damage anything it comes into contact with.

The benefits of Power-flushing are:

  • Faster radiator “heating up”
  • Radiators will generate more heat
  • A quieter-running boiler
  • Overall central heating system quieter
  • No radiator cold-spots
  • Cheaper energy bills
  • More reliable and efficient central heating system, giving you a warmer house at less cost
  • Less chance of repairs being required
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