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-)Which Boiler is Best for My Home?

That is the question we get asked quite often.

The simple answer is ‘it depends’!

The biggest issue we have is the type of home you have and your lifestyle requirements. You may have huge demands for constant hot water on top of your normal heating needs – multiple bathrooms for instance with bath and shower requirements for your family members.

The size and type of your property can determine the type and wattage of the boiler you need; there are many variations to consider when upgrading to a new energy-and-cost-efficient boiler.

While we can give you our best guesstimate, the only way to get an accurate quote is to have our estimator carry out a survey on your home to see what would be the best fit for your needs.

You may also have a brand preference, which is why we are accredited to install a range of boiler brands, as many of our customers have brand loyalty to the make that has served them well in the past – or brand aversion to a particular boiler that might have proven troublesome in the past.

One thing that we don’t do – and never will – is to pressure customers into buying.

We have a very happy customer base who come back to us time after time simply because we take the time to look after them properly. We are a family company with traditional family values and we realised early on in that it is important to go the extra  mile for our customers.

Of course we all have the occasional blip and things do go wrong, but we do take the time to resolve any issues at the earliest opportunity.

We aren’t perfect (yet) but we really try hard to do our very best.

So if you are looking for a friendly, professional, fully-accredited heating company to deal with and you would like a free quote with absolutely no-obligation to commit, then why not call us on 0191 414 5555? Or, if you prefer get an instant response (or a scheduled callback using our contact system below left,

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