Cental Heating Repairs

At Appollo Gas Services we know that your central heating system is likely to go wrong when you need it most – in the colder months. Being without heat or hot water is more than an inconvenience; it can be a life-threatening event especially when it affects the older person – or the very young.

We have long considered ourselves to be the ‘4th emergency service’, such is the importance of having a reliable, safe and fully functioning heating and hot-water solution.

As modern boilers and their functionality become more complex, while they may be more reliable, when they do go wrong, finding a remedy to the problem is not as simple as it used to be.

Our engineers have up-to-date training on all boiler types and this, combined with their diagnostic toolkits and personal skills, means that they can identify and resolve problems quickly and have your heating and hot water functioning fully again in a very short time and at a very affordable price.

Central Heating Repairs

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All our Gas Safe registered engineers have been comprehensively trained to offer a total service experience and you can be confident that we have the know-how to identify any problem, carry out efficient repairs and have your system up and running with the minimum of fuss or delay.

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