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Gas Boiler and Central Heating Installations Whitley Bay by Appollo Gas Services

Whitley Bay is a seaside town on the North Sea coast that has a fine stretch of golden sandy beach forming a bay stretching from St. Mary’s Island in the north to Cullercoats in the south. Historically, in Northumberland, the town became a holiday destination for the people of North East England and Scotland and remained a tourist destination until the late 1980s, when foreign travel became more popular.

Currently undergoing a £60 million regeneration, Whitley Bay has always been a sought-after place to live and residents with growing families prefer to ‘improve’ rather than move, so improvements to the heating systems in homes is very popular in the town. Appollo Gas Services has completed several projects in the town and are currently receiving a large number of enquiries for our cost-effective heating systems.

Our approach is simple, we use only the most skilful, time-served tradesman in our teams to ensure that your Installation goes smoothly and is completed with the minimum of fuss and delay. The teams are managed by a very experienced project manager whose role is to ensure that any issues that may arise during the installation work are dealt with promptly and with full client satisfaction.


Our project manager will oversee your job on a day-to-day basis to help maintain the high quality of service that we are renowned for.

We guarantee all of the work we undertake, giving the client complete peace of mind in the knowledge that any work we carry out will meet the most exacting standards.
We have worked with many families in the area, helping them to maintain a cosy environment for their family to live in – and help them save money too as our new heating and gas boiler installs are really economical to run – saving you money on those ever-growing heating bills.

Our clients insist on the best for their homes and that is why they chose us in the first place and continue to choose us when further heating system improvements are needed over the years.

Whatever type of home you live in, be it detached, semi-detached or terraced, Appollo Gas Services can deliver the perfect solution to your home heating needs – and save you money in the running costs too!

Our friendly advisor can visit you at your home and help you to determine just what type of heating improvement you would benefit most from and give you an idea of what the costs might be.

No pressure, no hard sell, no obligation: Appollo Gas Services also specialise in good advice!

Because we are from the North East, we understand the people, the culture –and the weather – so we know how to plan around the whims of our unpredictable climate, ensuring that projects keep as much as possible to plan.

The North East of England has the most diverse and interesting of cultures in the UK and each town or city has its own unique features that make working and living here such a joy.

The area is rich in history. Whitley was first mentioned about the year 1100 when King Henry I conferred it with other possessions on the Priory of Tynemouth being referred to in ancient documents and maps before that date as Witelei, Wyteley, Hwyteleg, Witelithe, Wheteley, Wytheleye, Whitlaw, Whitlathe and Whitlag.

Whitley is also referred to in the charters of King Henry II, King Richard I and King John, confirming to the priors their possessions and liberties.

The town was known as Whitley until the 1890s, by which time the confusion of the name with Whitby, in North Yorkshire, was often causing mail to be misdirected. The final straw came in September 1901 when an ex-resident died in Edinburgh and his body was to be buried in St Paul’s churchyard, Whitley.

Unfortunately, the body was transported to Whitby by mistake causing the funeral to be delayed. The council asked residents for suggestions for a new name, and the most popular choice was Whitley Bay. It has since been known as Whitley Bay, but many residents still refer to the town as ‘Whitley’.

Whitley Bay was famous for its permanent seaside fairground, the Spanish City. A fairground returns to the town on bank holiday weekends, the Easter and summer holidays, but is now located on ‘the Links’, an expansive seafront park to the north of the original Spanish City site.

The Spanish City Dome, which is a Grade II Listed building, is to become the centrepiece of a multimillion pound regeneration of the seafront complex, which will include hotel and leisure developments.

With its beautiful beaches and promenade, it isn’t difficult to see why so few folk move.

If you live in Whitley and prefer to improve rather than move, give the team at Appollo Gas Services a call; we will be delighted to call round and have a chat about your proposed heating improvements ideas.

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