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7 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Boiler Professionally Serviced Annually

7 Top Reasons Why You Must Have Your Boiler Serviced Annually

You need your boiler serviced every year to:

  1. keep it running smoothly when you most need it – don’t wait until winter to find out your boiler isn’t functioning correctly; most people do and consequently have to wait until an engineer can attend and remedy the problem. The ideal time to have your boiler serviced is in the summer.
  2. A service will ensure that the boiler is running at maximum efficiency – saving money on your heating bills
  3. Identify any problems with your heating system – find and fix problems before the cooler months arrive; or would you rather be without your heating when you really need it while your problem is identified and traced?
  4. Just like any piece of machinery, a regular service will extend its working life, ensuring that you get the most value out of your boiler – unless you don’t mind replacing it every few years!
  5. Check that your gas supply and boiler installation is safe; connections can become loose, flues can get blocked – sometimes with catastrophic results. Get the peace of mind that having your boiler serviced by one of our Gas Safe accredited engineers brings.
  6. Be clean and mean – a thorough clean of your boiler will not only improve its efficiency and safety, but it will also ensure that different parts of the system are protected against failure caused by dirt and debris build-up –  you will be surprised at how much detritus accumulates in the flue in a year!
  7. If you have a recently installed boiler, it is a condition of the warranty that you have your boiler serviced annually – usually on or before a specific date. Miss the servicing date and your warranty will be void.

By having your boiler serviced every year, not only will it increase its reliability, economy and longevity it will also meet the conditions of your boiler warranty programme, enabling you to enjoy free parts and labour for the duration of the current warranty.

What is a boiler service?

Boiler servicing entails a clean and check of all the parts inside your boiler as well an overall check up on your gas supply and safety of the boiler installation.

Some people are quite shocked when an engineer shows them the build-up of dirt, flies and wasps that tend to come through the boiler’s flue over time.

Keeping on top of it with an annual boiler service will help prevent this build up from causing problems for parts on the boiler.

On a boiler service Appollo engineers will:

  1. clean and check the parts inside the boiler
  2. carry out a gas tightness test to check your home’s full supply for any gas leaks
  3. carry out the checks needed to make sure your boiler is burning gas at the correct rate
  4. carry out visual checks on everything to do with your boiler
  5. examine the flue to make sure it has not been damaged and is safe to use.

  Is your boiler guaranteed?

Most Combi boiler installations come with a multiple-year warranty, but to keep your warranty valid, you will have to have your boiler serviced every year by an approved company.

If you miss your service date, normally one year after the install date or date of the last boiler service, your warranty becomes void and you will have to pay for any parts and labour costs out yourself if it breaks down.

Professional, Gas Safe Accredited Boiler Service Packages

A Combi boiler service from Appollo Gas Services costs as little as £59 plus VAT.

To book a boiler service call Appollo Gas Services on 0191 4145555


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