Is your boiler making strange noises?

Radiators not heating properly?

These signs could indicate that your central heating system has circulation problems. Good circulation is as important to your central heating system as it is to the human body!

Poor circulation in your heating system could mean that you have limescale or mould build-up or even excessive corrosion that could also lead to system blockages, restriction of hot water flow or even damage to component parts in your heating system.

Appollo Gas Services offer the amazing MagnaCleanse system to help unlock your pipes and remove any particles and corrosion debris that could be preventing your system from working properly.

A system clean using Magnacleanse can often restore your system to ‘good health’ improving circulation and enabling your system to function more effectively, meaning a more efficient system that heats faster and costs less to run.

Call us today on 0191 414 5555 and we will arrange a convenient time for our engineer to call.

The service is clean, fast and efficient and is carried out by fully-trained engineering personnel. We guarantee that you will be amazed just how much corrosion and debris this removes from your central heating system and you will be delighted at how much better your system works after the treatment.

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