The humble radiator is a critical part of your central heating system, and when they malfunction or leak, they can have a major impact on how the central heating system functions. If your radiator fails to heat-up or springs a leak, it is advisable to have them checked out by a trained technician before the problem becomes a major issue.

Radiators, thermostats, pipes and valves can all be affected by corrosion, and to deal with this problem we recommend our PowerFlush system from Magnacleanse. This simple, no mess-operation can have an amazing impact on how your central heating system functions; it will be more effective, cost less to run and it will prolong the life of many of the components in the central heating network.

Whether you need a simple system bleed, valve replacement or a radiator upgrade to a more energy –efficient system, the team at Appollo Gas Services can help. And our prices offer great value for money.

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